The Cloke Wedding

A wedding video case study from Forever On Film

Date: August 2003

Where: Sutton Courtenay & Southmoor, Oxfordshire

Ceremony Type: Religious

Wedding Style: Traditional country-style with a reception held in a marquee at home

Package: Big Day Package

Photo: Mr and Mrs Cloke who's wedding video we filmed in two Oxfordshire villages

The wedding

Photograph: Mr and Mrs Cloke pose for photos on their wedding day in Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire

Louise and Tony Cloke set their hearts on a traditional country wedding, getting married in August 2003 at Sutton Courtenay church in Oxfordshire, the village where Louise grew up. They then erected a large marquee in Louise's parents' garden to accommodate a large reception for over 100 guests. Most of the organisation of the wedding was coordinated by her parents as Louise and Tony were living and working in his native Australia. Forever On Film was very happy to liase with Louise's parents and visit them at their home to discuss all of the final arrangements.

The package

After meeting Louise and her mother at a local wedding fair, they went ahead with a booking for the Big Day Package, but omitting the filming of the Receiving Line, as they weren't having one. They added the personal messages to their package and one extra hour to cover the couple's first dance.

We attended their wedding rehearsal on the Thursday before the wedding, to meet with their vicar and determine the best positions for our two cameras. On that day we also visited the house again to see the marquee as it was being erected. This enabled us to see the layout of the tables and decide on the best camera angles for the reception.

The wedding video

Louise and Tony did not go on honeymoon, having only just returned to England, they instead decided to spend some time with their families. Tony's parents were due to return to Australia two weeks after the wedding, and they had asked if the video could be delivered before they left, as they all wanted to watch it together and send one copy back with them. We completed the editing of their wedding within this time and personally delivered it by hand, to ensure that it got to them on time. They were very pleased with the final video, which was then shown to relatives in Australia, who hadn't been able to attend. Louise's parents were so happy with the final result, that they went on to book us to film their second daughter's wedding in 2009.

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